Hi. My name’s Max. Not short for anything like Maxwell or Maximilian. Just Max.

My owner’s name is Brent. He’s a laid-back dude and all-round nice guy. He buys my favorite dog chow, lets me sit on the furniture, and doesn’t freak when I come in the house with muddy paws. As owners go, they don’t come any cooler.

Life wasn’t so good before I moved in here, but me and Brent, we don’t talk about that. We met at this place called the SPCA. If you’re a dog, you don’t want to end up there. If you’re a human like Brent, it’s a very excellent place to go and get yourself a dog. Like me, for example.

I’m an Old English Sheepdog, by the way. Not old as in old, but old as in not a New English Sheepdog.

Most of the time I think Brent’s glad to have me around. Especially when we go to the park to play frisbee. Not to brag or anything, but I do have a way with the ladies. Seriously. You can even ask Brent. A lot, and I mean A LOT of women stop to admire me. Then they end up talking to him, and sometimes he even gets their number. All thanks to me.

And just between you ‘n’ me, the guy needs all the help he can get. Once in a while a woman comes to visit but it never seems to work out. I, on the other hand, am not so picky.

He says we have a nice little house but I hafta tell you, it’s not that little. There’s plenty of room for more. Like a pretty little girl sheepdog for me and a fine-looking woman for Brent, if you catch my drift. And since Brent goes to work everyday and leaves me here on my own, I’d kind of appreciate the company.

Today is one of those days. I’m pretty sure it’s the weekend but Brent still got up early, put on his work clothes and left the house. There’s a serious rainstorm going on, so he put me in the porch at the back of the house. What can I say? The rain makes a mess of my fur, especially when I lie on my back and roll around in the muck. If you knew how good it felt to roll around on your back in the rain, you’d understand why I do it.

Wait. Was that a truck door? I know that sound! It’s the middle of the day and Brent’s home. Maybe he didn’t go to work after all.

And now here he is, letting me into the house. “Hey boy, glad to see me? Come on. Yeah, good boy. Come on. Somebody wants to meet you.”

Cool. Visitors mean LOTS of attention for yours truly.

Want to find out who Brent brought home? Be sure to pick up a copy of With This Ring (Harlequin American Romance) by Lee McKenzie. It’ll be in stores on Tuesday, December 4.

I’ll be blogging again next Thursday, and I’ll have a thing or two to say about plumbing. And about Brent’s visitor.



Lee’s Note:
To celebrate the release of With This Ring next week, Max and I will be running a contest. For details, please check back on Tuesday!

Photo by Ray Salmon of Sheepie Hollow. Thanks!

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Hi Lee, I got your website from Terry at UVic, and she told me about your new writing career. Congratulations are in order. Its been a long time since we taught geology labs together, but maybe we’ll meet up again some day and talk over old times, like the time we got those cool fossils at Northwest Bay.


Another great blog, Lee. Brent’s Max looks very much like my old boy, Horatio!

You are being dogged by followers and fame! This blog has already been reported worldwide on the OES email list, and we’re seeing posts in response! Keep up the good work!


Hi, Karen! What a lovely surprise! Thanks for stopping by to visit me and Max 🙂


Ray, I wish I had met Horatio. I’ll bet he and Max would have had a lot in common 😉

Lee, waving “hi” to OES rescuers everywhere!


Hi Max,

It’s good to see you stop by Lee’s blog to tell folks about your man, Brent.

I am one of the few that know who Brent has brought home, and let me tell you, I am heading over right now to let others know just how much I loved your story.

Lee really did a nice thing when she sent me her book to review. I know others are going to love you, Brent and Leslie as much as I did.

Who knows, you may be a star after this. That would be pretty cool!


Hi Max, I just know you are going too love your visitor because I know who it is. And they are going to love you. I would love to meet you too. Glad Brent got you out of the SPCA and gave you a wondeful home. He does spoil you doesn’t he????


Lettetia, thank you so much for the wonderful comments on WITH THIS RING. You made my day.

BTW, Max asked me to tell you that he’s in total agreement about being a star. He loves does the spotlight, and rightly so 🙂


Ellen, thanks for checking out Max’s blog! He’s definitely a charater. I guess that’s why everyone loves him, including Brent and the mystery visitor 🙂


Hey, Lee, loved this blog. The picture of Max just makes me go “Awww” and wish I had a dog again.


Hi, Trish! Max sends a cyber hug and big sloppy doggie kisses your way 😉


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