Healthy or junk food, we all have favorite snacks.

In Firefighter Daddy, Mitch’s daughter Miranda loves to go out for ice cream. Her favorite flavor? Chocolate chip cookie dough.

I’ve known people who’ll make a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and actually eat it raw instead of baking it. To which I say, ick!

In another scene in the book, Rory makes herself a bowl of microwave popcorn and then falls asleep on the sofa while she’s looking after Mitch’s daughter. Have to say I had a lot of fun writing that scene. There’s even a little snippet in the teaser blurb inside the front cover.

I happen to love ice cream and popcorn. I’m also a huge fan of dark chocolate (and getting huger by the minute, if I’m not careful) and potato chips (plain and salty).

Of course, some would say chocolate is not a snack but rather an important food group, and they’ll get no argument from me!

What’s your favorite snack? and is it healthy or junk food?

Until next time,

PS: I’ll be signing books from 1 to 4 this afternoon at Save On Foods at Country Club Mall in Nanaimo, BC. And yes, there will be chocolate!

PPS: Marin Thomas is blogging with the Harlequin American Romance Authors today. Drop by for a chance to win an autographed of Dexter: Honorable Cowboy and one of her fabulous cowboy-themed giveaways!

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Ice cream, popcorn, chocolate…

Yes to all three!

I had Nanaimo Bar ice cream recently – custardy, chocolatey, creamy…almost the ideal snack.
Put some cheesy potato chips on the top and it would be perfect.


Hi Lee,
My favorite snack is anything that's not good for me. 🙁

I've been trying to be good lately so I've taken to snacking on plain Cheerios. They'll never take the place of ice cream, but surprisingly, they are satisfying that need to nibble urge (and the declining numbers on the scale make me like them even more).


I'm liking the sound of Nanaimo bar ice cream! But, um, I'll have my cheesy chips on the side, thanks 😉


Mary, breakfast cereal has always been a popular snack at my house.

When my kids were little, I always carried a little Tupperware container of Cheerios in my purse. Great emergency snack food when we were away from home.

Now when my adult son comes home for a visit, one of the first things he checks is the breakfast cereal cupboard!


Thanks for the shout out, Lee!

RT Top Pick
Dexter: Honorable Cowboy July 2010


My pleasure, Marin!


I wish I had a favourite snack food, Lee, but I don't. I seldom snack but when I do, it's either something from Purdy's Chocolates or a piece of a Cadbury's dark chocolate and almond bar.

Oh dear, as I write those words I feel like snacking on a piece of chocolate.


I'm all about the watermelon right now. But I love thick cut BBQ potato chips, too. 🙂


I hear you, Anita. For some reason I tend to think of chocolate as a treat rather than a snack.


Watermelon is a perfect summer snack, Gillian. Healthy, too. I think I'll add watermelon to this week's grocery list!

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