Does anyone do cookouts any more? Can a childhood be complete without a messy, gooey dessert cooked in the hot coals of a campfire? Remember these?


For each s’more:
1 large marshmallow
milk chocolate squares
2 graham crackers

Place a chocolate square on a graham cracker. Toast a marshmallow over a campfire till the center is squishy. Put the marshmallow on the chocolate on the graham cracker, cover with the other graham cracker, and remove the stick from the marshmallow. Let it sit for about half a minute, till the marshmallow melts the chocolate. Eat it!

S’mores may be the classic campfire concoction, but banana boats have always been my favorite.

Banana Boats

1 banana (not peeled)
mini marshmallows
milk chocolate squares or a handful of chocolate chips

Peel banana down one side and cut a wedge into it. Place marshmallows and chocolate squares into the wedge, cover with peel, and wrap the entire banana in aluminum foil. Put into coals for about 5 minutes. Eat it with a spoon!

Enjoy the ooey gooey goodness!

Until next time,

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