Romance is my favorite thing to read and watch. With all the wonderful storylines in Gilmore Girls, Luke and Lorelei’s love story was always at the core of the show. Everyone knew they belonged together, long before they knew it themselves, and the final scene of the final episode was the perfect ending for the series. Lorelei and Rory sitting in the diner, Luke making breakfast for them, everything as it should be. No fairy tale endings, no one riding off into the sunset, but it was the happily ever after that fans had been anticipating.

Two and a half weeks and counting till the fall premiere of Men in Trees, and already I’m looking forward to what those writers have in store for us. In her August blog, Jenny Bicks, the show’s creator said, “You will get some delicious Jack and Marin this season, I promise.” Yum.

But as much as we’re rooting for Jack and Marin’s happily ever after, we know we won’t get it. Not yet. Because just like Gilmore Girls or our favorite romance novel, HEA also means THE END. I’m looking forward to many seasons of Men in Trees, so I think Jack and Marin will have a lot of issues to work through before we close the door on their story.

Even people who may not be devoted fans of romance still love a good love story and the promise of happily ever after. It humanizes a story. Seriously, who watches The Office and doesn’t root for Jim and Pam? Last season ended with Jim returning to Scranton to make a date with Pam, and for one or two glorious moments we thought Karen had ridden into the sunset, solo. Cut to commercials. Then we discovered that Ryan got the job in New York, which means Karen will be back. Hm. Is the office big enough for Pam and Karen? I’m not expecting HEA, but for sure there’ll be conflict! Can’t wait till Thursday!

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Hi Lee, Love the blog and the post…best of luck with this newest venture. Your covers are lovely, too.

I’ve been quiet lately, as you know, but didn’t want to let this pass without clicking over…

all best in the land of blog!

Bonnie Edwards


Great blog, Lee! And yes — wonderful covers.

Can you believe I live in Whistler and have not yet caught an episode? I think I was put off by the fact it was filmed mostly in the lower mainland. But I do want to give it a shot, and will hang in for any discussion you have here.



Thanks for the update on Men in Trees. I love that show, and when I noticed it wasn’t premiering this week, I thought “Oh-oh,” wondering if for some absurd reason it was cancelled. I’ve had my eye on Anne Heche since she played identical twins on the now-defunct soap opera, Another World. And Jack? Yum.

Loreth, I must admit the Squamish setting kind of bothers me, too. Not that it’s filmed there, because it’s great for the economy, but because I’m forever thinking, Okay, this is supposed to be Alaska. Why isn’t there more snow? Cripes, it was colder in Clearwater, 90 minutes north of Kamloops, B.C. than they depict for Alaska in Men in Trees, LOL.


Thanks for stopping by, Bonnie!

Cindy, I think you and Loreth are referring to two different shows.

Whistler is set in Whistler but much of season one was filmed in the Vancouver area. Apparently more of season two, which premieres on Saturday, was shot in the real Whistler, and I get the sense there’ll be more focus on the impending 2010 Winter Olympics. Season one was based on a really well-developed mystery. I’m hoping those writers have more of the same in store for us this year.

Men in Trees is set in Alaska but filmed in Squamish, just north of Vancouver. I’ve always assumed the fictional town of Elmo has a similar setting to Juneau, Alaska, which has aptly named rainforests and a relatively mild coastal climate compared to the rest of the state.


Jim and Pam!!!! Love them!

Even the action movies have love stories – Speed, Die Hard….it’s universal 😉

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