This is it! This week I’m wrapping up revisions to my next book and will send it to my editor on Friday.

The tentative publication date is April 2010, and I’m still dabbling with possible titles. I think I’ve mentioned before that my working title is Halfway to the Stars from that old Frank Sinatra song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” All along I’ve known that title will not work for Harlequin’s American Romance line, so I’ve been pondering.

I had come up Wanted: One Mommy and was quite happy with it, even though it’s from the hero’s daughter’s point of view and none of the story is actually told from her point of view.

Yesterday I had one of those “ta da!” moments and I think either Wanted: One Family or Wanted: A Family will be much, much better. Those titles are from the heroine’s point of view, which makes more sense.

Even though the final decision isn’t mine, it’s nice to be able to suggest a couple of realistic possibilities.

If you have an opinion, I’d love to hear it.

On the personal front, I often get together with my good friend and critique partner, Rachel Goldsworthy, on Friday afternoons. We meet in the upstairs loft a little Irish-style pub for some writerly chat and a glass of wine. This Friday I’ll have something to celebrate!

This photograph of me and Rachel was taken a couple of Fridays ago. It’s an outstandingly bad picture of me, but I’ve been promising a glimpse of my new hair cut and am finally following through.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Until next time,

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I like 'Wanted:One Family' as one family is all you need to get your life back on track.

P.S. Love the writerly pictures (with new haircut) in the pub that appears to be dripping with atmosphere.



Thanks for your input, Jodie. I'm keeping a tally!

We enjoy our Friday afternoon get-aways. The pub is quiet, the service is excellent, and we almost always have the loft to ourselves.


I like Wanted: A Family as it feels more universal. "One" family sounds as though she has the choice of more than one. Unless that's the deal: are they combining families? Then go with W:One F.
I sympathize on the haircut. Not that *I* think it looks bad, but when a woman hates her hair, it changes the way she views the outside world. I almost cried when my hairdresser lopped off a hunk last week. I told my friend it's so short I could almost spike it! (A slight exaggeration, but I do look like a man.) And no, I won't be posting my new look any time soon–like until it grows out. 🙂


Lee, I love your new short and chic look. It must be cooler for the summer. I had my shoulder length hair chopped off in June because it was getting too hot. I've kept my hair very short for the summer and will grow it out again in the fall. It's only hair and it's not like it won't grow back.



Thanks, Megan! Based on your suggestion, Wanted: A Family might work best.

LOL re: the hair. We can be the don't-like-our-hair-cut sisters!


Thanks, Sheryll! I think you're the first person in the history of the world to ever refer to me as chic!

And you're right, of course. It will grow. The bangs are already looking like they need a trim.


Lee, I love the new haircut! Perfect for the summer. As for the title, boy I'm torn between both of those. I like how 'Wanted: One Family' sounds, but Megan's point makes sense, too. Not much help, am I? Either way, I think you've got a winner!


I liked, Wanted: One Family. It says a lot without saying too much.

Loved the hair cut, Lee. Stay cool in this heat wave in Victoria.


Ros, so glad you stopped by. Especially since you had nice things to say about my hair 😉 Given what the hairdressing student had to work with, she did a super job.


Thanks, Anita! So far the votes are tallying up in favor of Wanted: One Family.

I'm not sure what it would take to feel cool these days. Maybe a backyard pool and a cabana boy?

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