When I sat down to write this Tuesday’s news, I realized I really only have one thing to report, and it’s a biggie. After a long hiatus, I am once again back on deadline and feverishly revising a manuscript that has been in the works far too long. My deadline is July 31 and the tentative release date is April 2010.

As is typical for me and the writing process, the working title of this book has changed. Initially I called it Halfway to the Stars, from that charming old song about San Francisco and its cable cars. I knew that title wouldn’t work for American Romance, but I needed a title back when I still didn’t know the characters all that well.

Now that the story is written and I have a clear picture of what’s important to these characters, it’s changed to Wanted: One Mommy. I’m not sure that will work, either, but I think it’s a much better fit for both my story and the line.

My first book, The Man for Maggie, was much the same. It started out as Maggie’s Makeovers, then changed to Fixing Mr. Fix-It. In the end, my editor chose The Man for Maggie.

On the non-writing front, this morning I am going to be a hair model for a student who is doing her final exam at a hair dressing school. And let me tell you, after a lifetime spent with fine, straight hair, this is something I never thought I’d be saying! Check back next Tuesday for all the details. If I’m feeling really brave, I might even post a photograph.

Until next time,

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