And I absolutely love it!

They captured Molly and Martha (the twins) and Hercules (the Yorkshire terrier) perfectly!

And here’s what’s on the back cover:

Her Problem

As a busy single mom to her teenage daughter, Kristi Callahan doesn’t have time for a man. But it sure would be nice if her mother believed that, too. She keeps setting Kristi up on disastrous blind dates, determined to find her “the one.”

His Problem
After Nate McTavish’s wife died, he was faced with raising his twin little girls alone. Making it up as he goes along and sometimes questioning his daddy skills, he also has to fend off women his well-meaning family keep throwing at him.

Their Solution
When Nate hires Kristi to stage his house before selling it, they instantly realize they’ve found the perfect answer to their problem: be fake dates for each other! It’s a great plan-until they start to wonder if the real thing might not be even better….

The Daddy Project will be released on November 27, 2012, just in time for Christmas!

Until next time,

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Hello Lee,
This is a winning combination- two gorgeous girls and a puppy. Love it. All the best, Roberta


Oh! the cover is beyond adorable.

Cuties all around -the girls and the puppy!

All the best with this book!


Thanks, Roberta! They got the girls exactly right, from their favorite colors to their Cindy Brady pigtails!


Glad you like it, Jodie! There's another dog in this book but she didn't make it onto the cover.


Lee – it's a gorgeous cover – good reason to be proud, and hey I love the names of the twins, especially "Molly". cheers Molly


LOL, Molly! It is a good name! Thanks for stopping by the blog!


Makes me melt just looking at that cover. I'll be looking forward to reading it!



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