I love San Francisco—it’s such an interesting and diverse city, and the weather was perfect. I’ll take cool and collected over hot and bothered any day.

For me, the conference highlights were all about networking with friends, other authors, and my editors. Most of the workshops I really wanted to attend were either being held concurrently or they conflicted with other meetings I had to attend. I look forward to sitting down with the conference CD and catching up on all the great things I missed.

The Harlequin American Romance authors and editors met on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the line’s 25th anniversary. And the Harlequin party on Friday evening was wonderful, as always.

The Wet Noodle Posse got together, or course. Here we are at The Golden Network’s Dessert Reception. From l. to r.: Theresa Ragan, Priscilla Kissinger, Janice Lynn, Debra Holland, Anne Mallory, Trish Milburn (fellow Harlequin American Romance author), Charity Tahmaseb, Diane Gaston, Esri Rose, Merrilee Wren and yours truly. Trish and Charity sold their first books this year and were ceremoniously given “the boot.” Congratulations, Trish and Charity!

While I was in San Francisco, I also did some research for my next two books, which are set in this wonderful city. Don’t you love these old Victorians? The heroine in my next book lives on the top floor of a wonderful old house like these.

Until next time,

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Lee, thanks so much for the congrats and posting the picture. Even if I do have that lovely farmer’s tan going for me. 😉


Charity, no one will notice the tan. They’ll be too busy admiring that gorgeous dress you were wearing.


I love all these pictures, thanks so much for sharing! San Fransisco is just gorgeous, isn’t it? When can we look forward to your book?


Hi, Gillian! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.

As soon as I have final title and publication date for my first SF-set book, I’ll post all the details here and on my website!

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