I did it! I walked ten kilometres yesterday morning. I’ve been training for this since January and my goal was to complete the race in under an hour and forty-five minutes. My actual time was 1:27:59 at a pace of 8.49 per kilometre, so I have to say I’m pretty darned proud of myself. Last month I walked in a 5K race with a time of 45:22 (pace 9:02) so as of yesterday I have a new personal best. It helped that yesterday’s course was less hilly.

More than 13,000 runners and walkers took part in the race, which is a fundraiser for literacy and the heart and stroke foundation. The elite runners finished the race in under 30 minutes. I know . . . inconceivable . . . but as many of you know, my participation in this race has been part of my journey back to good health and I feel every bit as accomplished.

The day itself was pretty much perfect. It started out cloudy and cool with very little wind, and then the sun came out. Much of the course is along the ocean, so the views were spectacular for anyone who looked up long enough to appreciate them.

The energy was amazing, and I think that’s partly what kept me moving. Spectators along the route rang bells and shouted encouragement. Every kilometre or so there was a band playing. And of course there were the most-welcome water stations. And one of the highlights was a hug from my dear friend Anita around kilometre seven.

I truly appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received from family, especially my daughter who ran the race in 1:06:18, friends, and the everyone who took part in the training clinic, especially our coaches, Doug and Elaine.

Today, in spite of a few muscles that seem intent on reminding that I really did walk 10K in under an hour and a half, I feel great, and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Until next time,

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