That would me. Last Friday I packed a lunch, my laptop and my work-in-progress, and ran away from home.

This is where I went.

To my friends’ house. Make that cottage. This charming little cottage is in their back yard. I have fallen in love with it, and now I’m convinced that every home needs a cottage. It’s a perfect place for an author—or anyone, for that matter—to escape to. Comfy, cosy and no distractions.

Except the garden. A perfect place to take a break and admire the flower and birds. I was particularly intrigued by the antics of a male hummingbird, who feasted on flower nectar and intermittently flew loop-the-loops over the yard. He only weighed a few ounces, and yet I was a little intimidated.

In spite of some periodic birdwatching, I revised, wrote, and revised some more. Forty pages in all, and it felt wonderful to have such a productive day. I’m getting close to “the end” now, and this was just the impetus I needed to press on.

On Saturday afternoon I teamed up with my good friend and critique partner, Rachel Goldsworthy, to present a writers’ workshop on blogging. It was a lot of fun, we received some wonderful feedback, and we hope to have a chance to do it again.

Until next time,

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"Running away from home" sounds like fun. I am such a stick-in-the mud, I find it impossible to write or revise unless I'm in my space at home.

Glad you are working hard on revisions. I loved your first two books and look forward to more from you.



what a quaint little cottage–I would love a writing space like that! Lucky you–you get to use that cute cottage from time to time.



What an excellent idea. No distractions, like chores etc.

Sounds like your time was very productive.

Jodie Esch


Anita, I love to sneak off and work away from home. Two of my favorite haunts are described on“ rel=”nofollow”>my website.

I'm so glad you enjoyed my first two books. It's wonderful to feel well enough to finally be writing again.


Marin, I'd really love to have a little cottage in my backyard. Since that's not likely to happen, I'm very lucky to have friends who have one.


LOL, Jodie! Chores can certainly be a distraction. Not so much because I procrastinate, but because I start feeling guilty for not doing them.


Maybe I need a cottage AND housekeeper…

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