Good news on several fronts.

I’m beyond happy to report that I have finally submitted the book that has been stalled for far too long. While I wait for revisions–and yes, there will surely be revisions–I’ll continue with the second San Francisco book. The goal this week is to write and revise and at least one chapter.

It’s been a good long while since I attended a writers’ conference so I signed up for the Emerald City Writers’ Conference in Seattle next month. I’m looking forward to being inspired and reconnecting with friends.

On the home front, one of my cats had surgery on Saturday and I now have a two-times-a-day struggle to get antibiotics and pain meds into her. The surgery went well. Administering the medication, not so much. She’s a feisty little thing and we’ll both be glad when this is over.

Until next time,

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Your cat looks so much like one of mine! Glad everyone in your household is on the mend, especially you!


Thanks so much, Diane! I have a particular fondness for "tuxedo" cats!

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