Happy Canada Day!


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Sunday Fun ~ something fishy

All right, something's fishy about this!

I photographed this knapsack outside a coffee shop in Juneau, Alaska last summer while the fisherman was inside getting a cup of coffee. What can I say? I found it funny!

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Tuesday News + Release Day!

This is it! Release day for Daddy, Unexpectedly!

This is the final installment in my Ready Set Sold series, and I really hope readers are going to love Claire and Luke's story.

I also received my author copies of Maggie's Way this week, so it's been rather like Christmas around here! This book went on sale on May 1st and is available in larger print through Harlequin's online bookstore and you'll also find it everywhere eBooks are sold. For links to some of those sites, just click on the title above.

I've done a couple of guest blogs this week. For a virtual tour of my office, please drop by the The Pink Heart Society, and you'll find my writing article titled "Making Sense of the Senses" on the the Savvy Authors blog.

On the writing front, I'm waiting on a three-book proposal I've submitted to my editor with Harlequin American Romance, and I'm currently writing a proposal for a new book for Harlequin Heartwarming.

This Saturday I'll be one of the presenters at a writers' fair sponsored by the Vancouver Island Chapter of Romance Writers of America. All the details, including time and location are on the chapter's website.

Lastly, I'll be sending the next issue of my eNewsletter, Life in the Slow Lane, within the next day or two. If you'd like to subscribe, please click here.

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Maggie's Way release day!

The big day has arrived, and I'm thrilled that Maggie's Way, my first Harlequin Heartwarming, is now on sale!

This story was first published as The Man for Maggie, and it was my debut novel with Harlequin American Romance in June 2007, and it received this wonderful four and a half star review from RT Book Reviews.

"Maggie Meadowcroft has come to Connecticut to refurbish her dead great-aunt's house, planning to turn it into a beauty spa. When handsome Nick Durrance takes on the job of her contractor, her life starts to change for the better. Nick is a heartbreaker and in no way a marrying kind of guy -- until he meets Maggie. This free spirit is going to have a major effect on his life in ways he never thought possible. The Man for Maggie, by Lee McKenzie (4.5), is an engrossing story about two opposites who find happiness. Maggie and Nick are wonderfully crafted characters, and their chemistry will keep you glued to the pages."

The book received a very light edit in keeping with Harlequin's new Heartwarming line, so I'm happy to say this review still applies.

Maggie's Way is available everywhere eBooks are sold, and the larger print edition can be ordered from Harlequin's online bookstore.

Happy reading!

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One book...two covers...worlds apart

The Daddy Project, my most recent Harlequin American Romance, came out in December 2012, and I'm pretty sure everyone knows how excited I was when I saw the cover!

I'm thrilled to share the news that this book will be released as a Mills & Boon Sweet romance in Australia and New Zealand on April here for details...and they've given it a brand new cover.

See what I mean? Same book...two very different covers. Literally and figuratively worlds apart.

Happy reading!

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Maggie's Way has a cover!

This week I received the cover for Maggie's Way, my first Harlequin Heartwarming.

This book was first published in 2007 as The Man for Maggie, and I'm so happy the editors at Heartwarming loved it enough to do a minor rewrite and give it a fresh new cover. It's been out of print for quite a few years, so I'm especially thrilled that it will be available to a new group of readers.

Happy reading!

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Tuesday News

What happened to February? I can't believe that Friday will be the first of March!

I've done some website updates this month, starting with an easy-to-use function to sign up for my e-Newsletter, Life in the Slow Lane.

The newsletter goes out every month, packed with information about me and my books, recipes, giveaways, and contest winners. If you're not already a subscriber, I hope you'll consider signing up for it.

Also new on the website this month is the Bling page where I've posted the details about my monthly contests and all the freebies I have available. Please check it out!

By this Friday I hope to have the cover for my next foreign edition. The Daddy Project will be released in Australia as a Mills & Boon Sweet Duo on April 1, 2013.

And I have one final bit of news. Earlier this month, at the Vancouver Island Chapter of Romance Writers of America's Valentine's Luncheon, I was thrilled to receive the VIVA (Vancouver Island Volunteer Award), and this lovely trophy now has a place of honor in my office.

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I "heart" hummingbirds!

That's the topic of my post today on the Harlequin American Romance Authors' blog, and I hope you'll enjoy my hummingbird photos. You'll also find detailsl about my current contest and other giveaways, so please drop by if you have a chance! Happy reading!

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